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Osteoporosis is a bone disease which affects both men and women.  It is a “silent disease” whereby the density of the bone reduces over time, making it brittle and more prone to a fracture, yet you may not be aware of this happening.

Often back pain is the first symptom that osteoporotic patients experience or their condition may be diagnosed after sustaining a broken bone. 

If you are concerned you may have osteoporosis, the first step is to obtain a quick, painless DEXA scan which accurately measures your bone density of your hips and spine. This scan can be easily accessed by having a chat with your GP.

If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia (early signs of osteoporosis) or osteoporosis, we are experienced in designing individualised exercise programmes for prevention and treatment.  These combine weight-bearing exercise, core and back strengthening and flexibility training, as supported by current scientific evidence.

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    Clinical Pilates is a new and innovative treatment, whereby Pilates exercises are tailored made to the individual, ideal for rehabilitation, preventing further injury and for general health and well-being.


    Many people experience an episode of mechanical back and neck pain during their life.  Often this does not occur as a result of a specific incident, but develops due to the regular “use and abuse” that we all experience.


    At Imokilly Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we are very experienced in treating individuals and teams from a wide variety of sports, particularly Rugby, GAA, Running, Triathlon, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Dancing.


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